A Secret Method that transformed my Life

Author's preface

7 years of continuous masturbation has plagued me with guilt, sense of emptiness, and abnormal increase of male hormones.


I had been doing it almost like a wild monkey without knowing its malicious side effects.


Here in this letter, I would like to share the secret of how I practice the True Abstinence and the many benefits of mastering the method.


Eventually, you might be able to end the negative thoughts and unwanted circumstances in your life that are usually caused by masturbation.


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A Miracle of

4 Billion

Hello, I am Shin Kawamoto, working as a psychological therapist.


It is an honor to be able to connect with you in this internet world where it is said that there are actually more than 4 billion sites are available on the net. To encounter the right source on the internet is truly a miracle.


There was a chance that you and I would have never met if you did not click on our link, so I would like to make the most of this opportunity to share with you the information that will help you to attract women almost effortlessly as well as to gain new power by becoming free from the bad side effects of masturbation.


The information I am sharing may sound religious or something like that, but take note that I am not from any religious group.


I am writing this letter to share with you the true method of abstinence which not many has ever heard of yet and will help you become more attractive to women.


I do private counseling session to help people cope with their problems and as a psychological therapist I have always been called to give consultations concerning private issues of clients which involved complex sexual issues.


I have found out that the root cause of most of those problems was excessive masturbation. You may find it surprising, but 90% of the people who are addicted to masturbation suffer from some mental disorder or psychological and physical problems.


Through counseling these people have discovered the "abstinence method" that anyone can practice in a fun way and maintain the practice. The method has helped more than 500 people.

I am going to reveal the secret about the abstinence method which has helped more than 600 people from the suffering caused by masturbation. However, before I get into that subject I have to make an important confession.


I had been unconsciously suffering from the side effects of masturbation for many years in which I was in a minor depressed state for about a year. This is really an embarrassing fact to reveal on the Internet where anyone can have access to.

That is why I would like to ask you a favor to keep a promise with me when I talk about it.


I have to reveal all of my embarrassing past records in order to teach you the complete method. This is really delicate and contains personal information. Most people who write about their personal life keep themselves anonymous but I will disclose my identity fully as I said before. My name is Shinichi Kawamoto.


Anybody can find this information on the internet including my closest friends and family who have


not the slightest idea of the fact that I have been suffering from masturbation.


To tell you the truth, I would rather not write about it.


I would hate it if the rumor goes around and I would be labeled as someone who addicted to masturbation. I hope you will understand how difficult it is to write about this, so please remember that I am coming from a truly sincere stand point so I can help you.


If you have been troubled by the effects of masturbation and have questioned its side effects, then please keep reading this letter.


I will assume that you know deep down your heart that masturbation is not beneficial for you and you feel you want to control your excessive sexual desires. You desire to be a guy who attracts women in a real sense to share an intimate relationship with extreme pleasures....


I believe that you are someone who truly wants to be more confident and positive in your life.


Allow me to repeat myself, but I need you to trust me because this is a subject that is very personal and I feel embarrassed about, but I share this because I know this will help you.

You might have had the same experience before.


You find a pornographic ad on the corner of your internet browser and before you know it you are clicking on it and have your Kleenex ready with your penis already aroused.


You feel regret and guilt while you enjoy viewing your favorite actress coming on your PC screen.


Part of you feels something is wrong, but you are already conditioned to believe that masturbation is something you are supposed to do every day so you just keep doing it.


I used to be that guy. I used to go to an Internet cafe on my way home from work and have an affair with the latest actresses on the internet. One time I was viewing one of those sites on my break at work and was caught by a female coworker who told everyone in the office.

Then one day I came across a website which said "you can change your life if you stop masturbation."  It was hard to believe at first but the information really spoke to my concerns so I decided to take a chance and follow its abstinence method.


However, I felt a change in the first 10 days or so but after that, I started to worry because I wasn't getting my morning erection at all and gave it up. I told myself that it's a total lie or it works only on certain people but not me.


your "thing" is taken away

by an Adult Actress

I went back to square one and started masturbating everyday.  I had the helpless feeling of guilt and a sense of emptiness after doing it while at the same time convincing myself I had to do it everyday. Time flew by just like that.


I started to hate myself day by day because I felt like I had no control over myself, always making an excuse to give in to my desires knowing it makes me feel drained afterward.


The regret I had affected my confidence and I started to withdraw from meeting with "real women" and lied or avoided talking about that kind of topic.


I found out later that if you masturbate regularly, your chances of meeting women decrease drastically. (It is because of the law of sexual energy). Looking back, I can remember the time when I started to lose connections with women around high school which is when I began to masturbate regularly.


According to my friend who is a model, women can tell guys who are masturbating regularly by their faces.


You may find it hard to believe but my chances of meeting women started to increase when I quit masturbation and I started to get asked out by girls for a date. I was surprisingly pleased by the effect of abstinence.


The Abstinence Method I Found

Before I found this method, I had no idea who or what to trust and I blamed myself for repeating the same old cycle of doing it and regretting it after.


I got into a state where I was not able to see myself objectively even though I was working as a psychological counselor myself. I was really confused feeling that I was the only person feeling this way.


Around that time, I had a chance to go to India with my friend. This event was really a good timing in my life. During the trip I met a monk at a restaurant near the Ganges River. I know it sounds like a fiction novel, but it's true.


This is when I learned some shocking information about our sexual energy. This was the moment I felt so excited like I had never been before because it solved all the problems I had been suffering from.


I convinced the monk to train me into mastering and transforming this sexual power into something great. I went through 7 days of intense training by him and after coming back I kept learning and trying it out until I finally transformed it into a concrete counseling method for my clients.


The Miracle of Abstinence Method

Since then, I have met lots of clients through my live seminars and found out that the root cause of most of their problems lies in the way they waste their sexual energy.


I heard of so many problems such as

"I can't get my income to increase". "I can't maintain high motivation".  "I can't get rid of chronic fatigue". "I can't meet someone I can truly trust".

And the number 1 cause for most of them was the waste of their sexual energy by means of masturbation.


I started to share the information piece by piece on Youtube and have received a lot of requests from viewers for putting it together as a complete manual.


That is why I created this program which is in full conformity with nature and will transform our sexual energy into something greater to achieve more success in life which I started to sell online.

This program had an instant effect on people and loved by everyone who tried it for two reasons;

You save lots of time and money compared to the counseling sessions which would   cost at least $100 for one session and take at least 6 sessions to solve your problems.


You can work on your private and embarrassing issue such as masturbation by yourself without revealing it to anyone else.

When you use this program, you will come to understand the true nature of masturbation, and why it has been ruining your potential and how to deal with it.


You will overcome all the problems caused by masturbation such as hair loss, thinning hairs, oily skin, chronic fatigue, decreased sexual interests, lack of confidence, lack of motivation, thickening of body hair and not attractive, etc...


You will also be able to activate your "pheromone" that is untapped because of masturbation in a natural way and attract women on their instinctive level.


This program doesn't require any kind of drugs or special devices but will help you solve most of your problems in ways that are natural.


In other words, people who tried this program experience multiple results. Some say that they came to love themselves more and became more confident, others say that their facial expression changed and they started to attract more women or their acne problems were completely solved and their eyes got bigger.


People who had never been in a relationship with a woman started to be asked out by women and some of them even went from shy to courageous towards women and laughed about themselves for becoming too extreme.


I am going to share some of the letters I received in the past.

8. Not 100% guaranteed for everyone

Unfortunately this program does not work for everybody. There were three people who were not able to solve their problems.


One was someone who had an operation on his penis.

The second was someone who had steroid hormone injected before.

The third was someone who was hard-core gay.


However, as far as I know, the people other than the previous three were all able to control their addictions after using the program, some even had their income rises.


The reason why I say "as far as I know" is because not everybody reports their results to me. So there are some I have not been able to confirm the results, but so far, I have not received any claims or complaints from any of the users.


I am going to share some people who agreed to share their answers to some questions regarding the program.


This is not a Manual that Say just "quit masturbation!"

I have received a lot of request from my clients who have successfully mastered the method say, "Please introduce this method to more people!" That is why I created this website and how I met you.


I asked my friend to create the website and did not advertise and yet I have met you here on a rare chance. I really appreciate the opportunity.


I promise I will not let you down once you discover this method when you try it out.


This program is not just about controlling your excessive sexual desires. It goes deeper into your underlying core reason of "why" you are drawn to masturbate and how to gain the confidence you have never had before by abstinence and as a result, helps you to become really attractive to women.


The important thing is not to just quit masturbation.


This is an exercise which makes you think about "what you really want to do" after overcoming the addictive habit and transforms you into a real man who can attract many girls without any effort.


"I want to get out of my own world to be more sociable".

"I want to be more confident so I can ask a girl out".

"I want to live a positive life".

"I want to get girls who I have met for the first time".


If you don't have any strong desires similar to them, maybe this is not for you.


This is not a manual only to learn about how to stop masturbation but it is a project you can work on to transform the energy you have been using for masturbation into energy that you can better use to enhance your life.


You can purchase the program without having anyone know about it. Your personal information as well as your email address will not be transmitted to anyone, even me.


Is it OK to be happy only about yourself...!?

It had been 11 years since my first masturbation. I became deeply depressed and withdrew from society for 7 months.


The manual I found in India was still not complete because it was written in English and it had a lot of cultural differences in it.


After I found the manual I learned from my mentor who was practicing the method for 19 months while reading 50 books relating to the subject. I went to school paying 35 thousand dollars.

I believe I was able to create this method because I had those 11 years of struggle myself. I had been selling the manual at a price of 300 dollars.


This price is equal to half the amount of money my clients would have had to pay for 6 counseling sessions that it would have taken to master the method.


The first 300 books sold out in 13 days.


This time around, I added new features to the original version, such as body training, a self-coaching method, conversation tips and testimonials from the clients.


I also added the worksheet that will teach you how to make the most of your subconscious which is something I cannot do in face to face counseling.


I was thinking that I should raise the price for adding all these extra sections. However, because I had become more self-reliant financially with my counseling work, I came to think of it like this;

“Well, I really have to make it easy for a lot of people to participate. Think of your own struggle and think of their struggle... I believe the former clients would understand. "


I will never forget the time when I received mail from a 17 year old high school boy.

He was introduced by another client of mine.


"I have been suffering from guilt and shame about masturbation. I am so scared. I want to die. I do not know what to do. I really want to buy your manual but I do not have the money.  Can I make an installment? "


His plea made me decide on the price.


It is a price that can be recovered if you stop going to clubs and bars or start saving some money everyday. It is a price you were to pay for one or two counseling sessions.


However I cannot set a cheaper price for the manual, considering the price of 300 dollars the participants paid for the previous version. I sincerely ask if you are one of the past participants and reading this letter now to understand that this is good for those who have the same struggles you had before.


I ask those of you who are thinking about purchasing the manual to commit yourself to take positive actions once you purchase it. This initial commitment of knowing "I did pay for it and I have to get my moneys worth!!" is really important.


This is the final decision I came up with after thinking it through.

The price is half of the original price, 150 dollars. However for the first 100 people, I am offering a special discount which is 100 dollars.


This manual can be downloaded in a PDF format so nobody will know about your purchase.


"You have changed, haven’t, you"?


One of the participants who mastered the method was told by a girl that he used to have a crush on at a class reunion,


What kind of guy would you want to be after mastering this method?


You are more attractive than you think you are. It is just that you have not realized it yet because of your masturbation habit. You may likely get more efficient and productive at work in addition to being more attractive to women.


Nothing is unattainable. Everything will be possible.  If you have a girlfriend or wife, keep it a secret that you are working on abstinence. If it is your first try, do it with confidence.


I have become a different person since I started abstinence.


I cannot believe how narrow and limited my life was just by staying at home masturbating...


Now I'm totally enjoying life with self-confidence and can attract girls naturally. People around me tell me that I have changed not only my facial expression but also my personality.  I can tell now that my past including my personality was really affected in bad ways by too much masturbation.


Please regain the confidence and pride you lost over the habit of masturbation and you will find your true-self just as I did. I wish you find true joy in your new lifestyle.


Before the special limited offer of 300 copies runs out, decide now and let me know if you are ready to overcome your problem,


I look forward to hear from you!

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The Miracle of Abstinence Method

A method that was developed in India 5000 years ago that can rescue 93% of men in the world from malicious side effects of masturbation?


and help obtain sex boosters with pheromones that can help us become naturally attractive?

This method that I am about to share has helped me change myself from being ‘hikikomori’ to being confident with anything or anyone I encounter.


If you ever feel that , "you are masturbating almost automatically" or "felt guilty for masturbating unconsciously"


Then, this letter might help free your wrong way of thinking.

















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